Azure Dreams PS1 De-randomizer

by pro_grammar


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This de-randomizer targets the original NTSC-U release of Azure Dreams (SLUS-00614). You will need an image of your game disc in BIN/CUE format.

If the seed name is appended to your randomized image filename after downloading, you will need to modify your cue file track listing to reference the new filename. You can also create a new cue file using the feature above, assuming the bin file uses mode 2 encoding.

Do not overwrite your original BIN file; keep it somewhere safe or you may need to obtain it again from your original disc.


This de-randomizer sets the each floor layout based off of the floor number, number of climbs up the tower, and a random seed. As such, each trip up the tower should be unique but consistent with anyone else using the same seed.

Some randomization and other options are also available, but only tutorial and intro skips are enabled under the "Safe" preset.

This de-randomizer is a fan project and is not affiliated with Konami/KCET, the developer and publisher of Azure Dreams. Please support the official release.

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Known issues: there is a known bug with the intro skip, where re-entering your house via your front door at any point will cause the game to freeze. For a single race, this is fine, but I suggest disabling it for anything more than that. There also appear to be issues with sharing URLs - I suggest just passing the seed and flags separately for now. Both of these known issues are being worked on.

Please report any other issues, especially inconsistent spawns of a given floor on the same trip up the tower using GitHub issues or the #un-randomizer channel in the Azure Dreams Speedruns discord.